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New 2016 BoConcept Collection

For 2016, BoConcept finds inspiration where sea meets sky. 
Color is the center of a free-spirit home. The intensity of a summer sky's blue and the clarity of blue ocean water bring new light to the basic tones and add a touch of joy to the sand, beige and gray colors. Metallic shades like gold and bronze add brightness; a touch of glass adds transparency, while some white accents create points of light.

For 2016, BoConcept focuses on organic forms, sensuous textures and soft tones.
Curves will be in vogue, either in the elegant arched back of a chair, the soft swirls of a glass piece of art, or the controlled texture of a vase. Rounded corners will counterbalance the straight lines and sharp edges of modern houses. Ashen and warm pastels such as cream, terracotta and light gray reflect a sense of comfort. Materials and textures like marble, felt and skin will enrich the senses. The balance between the feminine and masculine, like in the round shape of a concrete bowl, adds visual excitement.

For 2016, BoConcept highlights botanical tones and a more controlled use of color.
Colors inspired by nature, like the golden tones of amber, the herbal freshness of olive oil and the paleness of lichen growing on a rock, will undoubtedly be sources of inspiration in this new season. The key to perfectly incorporating them at home is control. Instead of adding a vibrant grass green, it is better to lower the color volume slightly and consider a sage green, which will create a much more sophisticated result. Once the color is balanced in space, it will be time to experiment with shapes and materials.

Daring and keeping control.
Pillows, blankets and carpets are a very effective way to introduce these botanical tones in a space without losing sight of the background color. An example might be the combination of a golden yellow color with a classic dark gray. Controlling contrast makes both colors look rich and elegant.

The Monaco sofa by Dutch designer Frans Schrofer.
Comfortable and customizable, the new BoConcept Monaco sofa was developed in cooperation with renowned designer Frans Schrofer, one of the leading furniture designers in the Netherlands in the last three decades. A graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, Schrofer has created pieces for a wide range of market-leading brands and has won the 2015 Red Dot award. His design company, Studio Schrofer, is based in The Hague. The Monaco sofa represents his first collaboration with BoConcept. The perfection of its seams and hexagonal arms combine the quality and attention to detail that characterize BoConcept along with Schrofer's sense of contemporary design. The sofa's comfort is due to its innovative diamond-sculptured seat cushions, which ensure that the sofa always keeps its shape, and its ergonomic backrest. 

When is a chair more than just a chair? When it embodies a concept.
Inspired by the curves of an acorn, Henrik Pedersen, a specialist in designing iconic chairs for BoConcept, has created Adelaide -a chair that is visually beautiful, extremely comfortable and fully customizable. Indeed, the Adelaide chair comes in so many different options that it is possible to design a unique chair every time by choosing from several materials for the legs, different heights, with or without armrests, and a plastic or upholstered finish in over 100 different fabrics and leathers. As well, castors can be added to the legs, thus creating a perfect chair for a modern home office; or even combine an HPL seat with steel or eucalyptus legs for outdoors use. "Adelaide shows an individual style and its consistent expression. I wanted to create a continuous flow of forms from the inside out, a truly versatile piece of design", says Henrik Pedersen, designer of the Adelaide collection.

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