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Honoring a commitment to equip public places with the highest quality standards, we meet the special requirements of reduced mobility, bariatric chair provision, hygiene and fire prevention.

Fire Prevention
Watch the video of our fire prevention concept: self-extinguishing, minimizing smoke accumulation, and preventing fire spread. The chair is manufactured according to quality standard DIN 4102 A2 and meets all the requirements of the DIN 66084 Pa standard.

The spread of infectious diseases can be reduced by improving hygiene in hospitals, nursing homes, dining areas and meeting points, among others. Our range of kuschmed® Hygienic-Line seat and tables prevents the harboring of bacteria, germs and fungi on wooden, plastic and metal surfaces. Some products even provide antibacterial or fungicidal properties. The fabrics are waterproof and therefore impermeable to germs, thus preventing the spread of bacteria. kuschmed®Hygienic-Line toilet seats meet all hygiene requirements and provide comfort and modern design.

Bariatric Chairs
Our bariatric chair combines comfort and durability and adapts to the needs of people with weight problems. We have designed a wooden and metal series for up to 300 kg.

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